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Just an obessed Supernatural fan who still likes the idea of Dean and Bela. Don't like it, you don't have to follow me.
But there's more to me than that. I'm a Texas girl, I love my family, I'm loyal to my friends. And I can be a bit 'adult' at times, but for the most part, I'm safe.
Enjoy the ride.

Jan 13

I just want to be happy. Is that too much to ask? Love me, damnit.

Jan 9

Jan 8

MTV Europe Music Awards 2010

I love me some Tico.


MTV Europe Music Awards 2010

I love me some Tico.

Congrats to Jensen and Danneel Ackles on their big news. That is going to be one beautiful and talented baby.

Of course the tinhats are wanking. They just don’t give up.

Jan 3

All this ‘Bela didn’t deserve Hell’ talk reminds me I really need to revise that story I wrote where she’s saved from Hell because she made the deal as a child. Should really revise that one day.

Jan 1

Not even two hours in and already the year sucks. I’m a horrible person.

Dec 29


Just fuck already.

My Christmas

 Christmas was good this year. We had our family Christmas on Saturday. Everybody got along, we had lots of good food, and everybody got good presents. I hope the kids liked the presents I got them. Bryan started reading his book right away. Emily loved the crayons and coloring books. Dad has been watching his DVDs and Mom will get to watch hers soon, I hope.

I got some good stuff. Leslie sent me some citrus green tea. Shelby got me a Sheldon Cooper poster. Kristi got me the Supernatural calendar, and Mom got me the Complete Blackadder. I didn’t get the Monty Python book I was hoping for, but I’ll buy that when I get paid.¬†

I planned to watch Blackadder on Christmas Day, but the electricity was out most of the day. Not fun. Good thing I had enough oxygen. The lights went out about 9:30 and came back on about 3:00.

No plans for New Year’s other than to eat black eyed peas. Yay!

So, all in all, a good Christmas. Hope 2013 brings me health and happiness and the same to all of you.

Dec 24




Bon Jovi Christmas Day 13/ 1/2

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